Weather in the Gulf of Mexico (Pics)

This is one I’ve been meaning to write since I started flying off-shore. It’s a topic I get questions about from time to time, and one that is worth mentioning. What is the weather like in the Gulf? How do you plan, fly, and work with it? Now that may seem like a ridiculous question to some of the old dogs of aviation, those long in the tooth greying, bitter old bastards that have heli-bellies and retirement on the horizon – but for the younger up and coming generation of pilots these are the things that they are thinking about, asking about and interested in. So I’ll take a stab at it.

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Ferrying Helicopters in the Winter — Not as fun as you might think…

I’m not actually complaining about my job. I love being a helicopter pilot but every now and then you come across some things that make you scratch your head and think to yourself that there is probably a better way to go about things. But what do I know – I’m just a young gun making my start in this industry. I do what I’m told and go where the work is needed.

A one day mission turned into a week long ordeal, and here is the story of THE WALL OF DOOM…or alternatively, Snoqualmie Pass in the Winter Time…which is probably the more appropriate title. Ferrying a helicopter in the winter time, especially when there is a pass involved, becomes a feats of equal expertise in pilot skill, navigation, meteorological interpretations, and common sense.

Just chilling in a field. Nothing to see here.
Just chilling in a field. Nothing to see here.

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