How powerful is your passport?

Henley and Partners have released their passport strength analysis and, being a travel fanatic and blogger, it made sense to post their link here.

Much to mu surprise the US passport is NOT the most powerful passport in the world (it’s still #1 in my heart) but comes in at a rank of #4.

Leading the charge at #1 is Germany. Check out the full list here, and then plan your trips!

Gone Fishin’

A lot of cool things have been in the works for some time now, but I’m happy to say that as of right now, as I’m writing this – I’m officially roaming again. I took a job with Tropic Helicopters flying with a tuna boat. I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my first flight of many to relocate me to the other side of the globe. This blog will be updated whenever I get back into port, as I’m going to try and really document what it is exactly to be a tuna pilot and what I’ve gone through getting here.

My plan is to draft the first big post while I’m flying between here and there, detailing what I did to get here, and how I prepared. For now, I just want to say thank you to everyone for their support, and I look forward to seeing you all out there!

Spokane to Portland, Portland to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Brisbane, Brisbane to Honiara. I’ll post pics.



Flying from Grant County to Seattle

Wow – so first I need to seriously re-examine my posting schedule for this blog. It’s crazy, I have become swooped up in so much I keep glazing over this and I apologize. Not that there are a TON of you following The Roaming Pilot yet…but all the same.

Anyways, the other day I took a couple helicopters from KMWH (Grant County International Airport) to KBFI (Boeing Field – Seattle) to drop one off for maintenance. The other one was our ride back to Moses Lake. Here are some photos from that trip.

Which in case you were wondering – WAS EPIC. Also cold.

Shot from the cockpit of the Robinson R22 on our way west towards Snoqualmie Pass.
Shot from the cockpit of the Robinson R22 on our way west towards Snoqualmie Pass.


More photos after the jump.

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Music, Asiana Airlines, Customs, and Customer Service (Why it sucks in the USA)

I guess it is hard to say that I traveled back to the USA, since it was more a matter of returning to the USA because I had to get back to work. That’s such a bummer! But I love what I do so I’ll get over it. I wanted to close out my time in the Philippines with some thoughts, some photos and some music.

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Samal Island, Southern Mindanao, The Philippines

The Beach by contactmoment1
The Beach, a photo by contactmoment1 on Flickr.

Some of my favorite blogs on the internet are travel blogs. Blogs about wanderlust, getting away from “the cycle” and really living life. I’ve been a traveller since my earliest memories and for some strange reason I never thought to jump on this band wagon.

Especially because even now I appreciate more and more traveling in my own back yard of the United States too. So it is December 31st here in the Philippines, and we are getting ready to ring in 2014 against the Manila skyline and I think that this year I’m going to make a resolution to keep a blog – a travel blog. Why not start right now.

I just got to Manila the other day from having been down in Davao City. While I was there with my family we went Island Hopping and wound up on a totally empty strip of white sand beach.

Take it all in – this is what life is all about. This moment, right here, right now.