Finances: You can never be “TOO” hands on

Whoa! We’re actually generating content here that is not directly connected to travel or flying. What have I become?!?

Seriously though, let’s talk about something dirty for a minute – one of those off limits topics. Money. Finances. Greenbacks. Benjamins. Uhhh…other slang terminology for money…

As the title suggests this blog post will be about managing your accounts a bit wiser. “You can never be too hands on” is a mantra I adopted last year a bit later in life than I’d like to admit. I’d operated under the assumption that auto-pay was a gift from the financial gods, I could set it – and forget it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The last thing you want to do, or want to indulge in, is anything that involves forgetting your accounts.

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On life, turning 30, and goals.

         “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” – Robert Frost

Tomorrow is January 29th, and once more I’ll be marking a birthday. To say that it is exciting to have made it this far would be an understatement – though a bit of a tired cliche as EVERYONE seems to think that they’ve “survived” the first 30 years of their lives. However, in all actuality, all things considered, the fact that I’m here now writing this, doing what I love for a living is a testament to some good luck, some good karma, and a whole lot of perseverance. In hindsight, after writing this, I should have broken it up into multiple posts. But I didn’t so you’ve got some reading ahead of you.

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The Dubai Marathon -or- Mom and Dad visit the Middle East

However you want to title it, this is a really cool post to be making. One of the things I vowed, resolved (whatever), to do this year was to run more. I’m not a huge fan of running, I hate it really – but the benefits to your health are black and white. So, last year I signed up to run the Dubai Marathon, well…ok just a portion of it. But none-the-less it was time again to lace up my sneakers (pun intended) and head out.

This trip was different from my past trips though, as I was meeting my parents on the other side. They’d flown into Dubai a couple days ahead of me (armed with my Dubai in a day guide) to see the city. Then they were going to come cheer me on for the race, and together we were headed back to my new home so I could show them around where I was living. I couldn’t have been more excited! Continue reading “The Dubai Marathon -or- Mom and Dad visit the Middle East”

Egypt in a day? Sure, why not. (Pics)

I’m going to quickly develop a reputation as that one travel blogger who only stays in places for one day and then moves on. There is something to be said for that approach, jet lag isn’t a problem because you’re back home before you even acclimate a bit, you spend less money, and at the rate I’m going you see everything everyone else does.

So lets do Egypt? I mean, why not right? It’s a stones throw away from where I’m working right now on any number of regional airlines. When the new schedule was finished by our lead pilot I noticed I had a remarkable, rare, and to-be-coveted 4-days off. Not sure how it happened, or why it happened but I was excited.  Continue reading “Egypt in a day? Sure, why not. (Pics)”

Checking an item off of my bucket list.

I was sent to Murray, Idaho with one of our company R44’s to fly rides for their Molly b’damn Gold Rush days festival. All in it was a really uneventful weekend in a sleepy town nestled in the beautiful North Idaho mountains. The real pleasure of this assignment was the chance to do something that I think every young helicopter pilot wants to do in their career, and that is – go helicopter camping!

All day as I was taking off and coming in to land with passengers I was eyeballing this beautiful field next to the creek below where we were operating. It was open enough to put my helicopter right on the bank, and was close enough to the town that I could lock up and walk in for dinner. It was settled – I was landing there at the end of the day to make camp.

Here are a few pics from the best camp site in the world.

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Captain Mark Penklis, inspired me to fly

I was visiting my parents home in Spokane this weekend and came across an old photo of my sister and I on the flight deck of a Qantas Boeing 747 from way back in the early 90’s. I remember this moment vividly, it was ne of many sign posts throughout my life that led me to becoming a pilot. Now, sure, I’m not a fixed wing pilot captaining massive multi-engine jets from continent to continent, but all the same these sign posts led me to become a commercial pilot.

The one thing I hope this post does is help to inspire other young people to pursue aviation, the next thing I REALLY would like to achieve would be for Capt. Penklis with Qantas to see this. So if you know him, or the people at Qantas, do me a favor and pass this along.

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A once-in-a-lifetime flight (Gallery)

There are so many things that I want to do as a helicopter pilot. The list seems to grow every day, with every photo I see, magazine I read, or friend I make in the industry. They all have uniqueness to them, and the dynamic of our industry just grows and abounds in front of my eyes daily. A lot of that is in part due to my work with HeliOps Magazine, and managing the Helicopter Pilots group on facebook – you’ve all shown me, and continue to show me, just how big our small world is.

A few months back though I had a chance to go for a once in a lifetime flight. It was something I absolutely HAD to do, and honestly it was kind of time sensitive. That is, I got to take my grandparents up for flights in a helicopter! Sadly Grandma Lil passed away many years before I could earn my pilots license but I know she’s been flying with me since day number one. Click through for a gallery of the photos from that day!

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I’m registered!

I had a really hard time coming up with a title for this post so I went with the obvious. I’m registered. Took some time this weekend to get onto the Bone Marrow Donor Registry. My heart strings were tugged when our local paper ran a story on the daughter of an Air Force Airman who was desperately in need of a bone marrow match. I’d never really thought about registering before but seeing the smiling 7-year old’s story and picture in the paper sold me.

This is 7-year old London Bowater
This is 7-year old London Bowater

So I went to the fire department and got in line. The article had generated a huge turn out of locals wanting to get on the registry. London Bowater (the 7-year old), I hope you find your match!

As a bonus – I was rewarded with a Spokane Fire Department badge! Woo!

Spokane Fire Department Station where the registry event was being held.
Spokane Fire Department Station where the registry event was being held.
Pretty good turn out too! The volunteer I spoke to said it had been steady all day!
Pretty good turn out too! The volunteer I spoke to said it had been steady all day!
Just call me Deputy...or whatever...
Just call me Deputy…or whatever…