Who is The Roaming Pilot? That is a good question, and hell I’m not even sure I know. But I’m working on it.

My name is Nick Henderson, and I’m a commercially rated helicopter pilot from the United States with what is most certainly able to be described as an insatiable appetite for adventure and travel. I also like good food, and photography. And puppies. But who doesn’t, right?

For me travel has been a way of life since I was very young (3 years old) when my family moved to Indonesia following my fathers work. It’s been game on since then and together we have explored almost every continent on the planet. I personally count around 35 (or so…) countries visited and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. It’s been an awesome life.

Some of my favorite blogs on the internet are travel blogs, understandably as they sate my appetite (or more aptly – get me a fix for my addiction) for seeing the world as way more than most people will ever see the world.

I hope to keep this blog full of great accounts of my travels, travel tips, and who knows what else strikes my fancy. You may even get a look at my pilot career a bit, or commercial photography. I like you, so we will see where this goes. ;-)

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