Checking an item off of my bucket list.

I was sent to Murray, Idaho with one of our company R44’s to fly rides for their Molly b’damn Gold Rush days festival. All in it was a really uneventful weekend in a sleepy town nestled in the beautiful North Idaho mountains. The real pleasure of this assignment was the chance to do something that I think every young helicopter pilot wants to do in their career, and that is – go helicopter camping!

All day as I was taking off and coming in to land with passengers I was eyeballing this beautiful field next to the creek below where we were operating. It was open enough to put my helicopter right on the bank, and was close enough to the town that I could lock up and walk in for dinner. It was settled – I was landing there at the end of the day to make camp.

Here are a few pics from the best camp site in the world.

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Captain Mark Penklis, inspired me to fly

I was visiting my parents home in Spokane this weekend and came across an old photo of my sister and I on the flight deck of a Qantas Boeing 747 from way back in the early 90’s. I remember this moment vividly, it was ne of many sign posts throughout my life that led me to becoming a pilot. Now, sure, I’m not a fixed wing pilot captaining massive multi-engine jets from continent to continent, but all the same these sign posts led me to become a commercial pilot.

The one thing I hope this post does is help to inspire other young people to pursue aviation, the next thing I REALLY would like to achieve would be for Capt. Penklis with Qantas to see this. So if you know him, or the people at Qantas, do me a favor and pass this along.

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