Kayaking The Columbia River

One thing about being on a cherry drying contract means that the time I’m actually flying is often broken up by long drawn out periods of nice weather. It’s really backwards – we’re probably the only pilots that are doing rain dances and hoping for the radar to be blotted with moisture cells. On the upside however, the nice weather makes for some really cool chances to do things in place you wouldn’t normally do – and when normal people would want to do them.

I decided to rent a kayak and paddle the Columbia River and Wenatchee River the other day. (PHOTOS IN POST)

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Back Roaming Again (sorry about being away)

Wow it has been way too long since I’ve been roaming or since I posted here. I’ll be honest with you, there wasn’t much roaming going on the last few months. My routine was pretty set. I’m currently working full time as a CFII with Inland Helicopters and teaching at a college. So more or less…every day was classroom stuff. We had some really cool flights during that time, but it didn’t make it here. So I’m totally sorry about that!

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